CivGen: Generals at War is a 2, 3 or 4 players board game. Players are developing their civilization by playing technology cards and by constructing buildings on game board. Players start war to destroy enemy units and buildings, to gain culture points. Civilization with the most culture points wins the game.

CivGen: Generals at War – game visualization

The only thing you need to play the game, is your web browser. Play 2 players demo against computer player. Register to play on custom maps and with up to 4 players. Play in pass-and-play mode and on the internet.

Access to resources is a key factor to develop every civilization. There are 5 standard resources, 4 strategic resources and 2 special resources in the game. 5 unique buildings that can interact with each other and with terrain to maximize resource production.

Turn system that keeps players busy. Player have 2 actions in each round in turn. When all players pass, turn ends. First player who pass starts next turn.

6 unique government cards increase amount of player actions.

16 unique military units. 20 general units that gives your armies advantage on the battle field. Strengthen your military units using 18 battle cards, bonuses from fortifications and generals special skills.

4 unique civilizations with unique technology cards and military units.

18 wonders that not only proof your civilization greatness but also gives advantage over your opponents.

50 technology cards that improve your civilization production efficiency and increase military capabilities. Upgrade buildings to produce more resources.

76 event cards that can surprise players, change the course of events and player plans.

Start war with your opponents to gain culture points and to weaken your enemies.

Only great generals can lead their people to the victory !