Develop civilization by playing technology cards and constructing buildings on the game board. Recruit military units to defend your territory. The war is inevitable and every civilization needs great generals who will lead their armies to victory.

Access to resources are a key factor to develop every civilization. In this game there are 5 standard resources, 4 strategic resources and 2 special resources. 5 unique buildings that can interact with each other and with a terrain to maximize resource production.

  • 4 civilizations with unique cards
  • 55 technology cards
  • 16 military unit types
  • 76 event cards
  • 18 wonders
  • 20 general units
  • 20 battle cards
  • 11 resource bonus cards
  • 19 action cards
  • 16 war cards

Military units can interact with each other and can gain bonuses from generals, fortifications and battle cards. Invent new military unit types to gain advantage over your opponents.

Only great generals can lead their people to victory !